All The World's A Stage, and this Show Sucks...

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

There are now well over a quarter of a million people who have perished from the covid-19 pandemic, and I am just about sick and tired of pretending that people care. I am tired of pretending that people value teachers in any way, shape or form. The same people who blather about caring and kindness demanded teachers be shipped off to die because their children annoy them. I am tired of pretending that people care about cops, the same cops I hear every single person talk shit about the moment the "heroes" hand them a speeding ticket or inform them that they must wear a mask. I am tired of pretending that people care about health care workers, the very health care workers they jeopardize by refusing to stay at home or mask up. I am tired of the pretending. I am tired of the show that is life in this vile country.

You can be as disgustingly selfish as you want. It doesn't effect me. I'm not stupid enough to go outside with people who are this careless. The moment I heard the billionaire morons, on both sides of the isle by the way, were scheming up ways on getting us all back to work barely a month after the pandemic began, instead of actually dealing with the virus, I knew we were all screwed. I recognize the world for what it is. It is perhaps my greatest, and therefore most valuable flaw. If you don't believe my prediction then check out this email I sent to a friend in late March. The only thing I altered was the name to protect my friend's identity:

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 9:19 AM wrote:

Hey, Its probably not the best idea for me to chat with you all. I'm very depressed about all of this and just not in a good mood in general. Frankly, I feel abandoned by everyone and it's really messing with my ability to speak to people right now. I am an actor of color with a disability who lives in santa clara county. Things were already hard for me. Ive been bothered just walking down the street for years by security and police and have had many friends thrown in jail for petty crime like loitering or weed. I also struggled to maintain employment because no one likes epileptics in this country. As I'm sure you know much of this discrimination is written into American law due to the eugenics movement. Epileptics were not even allowed marriage and purchasing rights until the 1980s. It is arguably the most discriminated against group in the nation. I don't mean to lecture you but the point is if that was how it was before its going to be a lot worse for me now. People are going to get scared and violence is going to break out. This will happen in California. Gun purchases have skyrocketed by 100% in this state. There is no opportunity for me to survive in this country when people are like this. History shows blacks and epileptics suffer tremendously during times of crisis. One need only look to Nazi Germany or the Jim Crowe south and see the parallels between American society to know what is coming... Anyway, as you can see I have no hope for any kind of future in this country so if you don't mind I'll sit out the talk and spare everyone the misery. Respectfully, Christopher P. Carter

That was then, and it most certainly sounds like now. People do not care about the pandemic. They do not care about the people who are dying. They care about themselves. Go on. Keep posting stories of heroism in the face of adversity. Keep talking about kindness and empathy. Keep singing that same old song. Tell people the facts; show them the science. They didn't listen to the world's most successful epidemiologists, but I'm sure they'll listen to you. You have a master's degree in something anti-maskers couldn't care less about. You are the chosen one; they will surely believe you. How long are you going to keep lying to yourselves? When are you going to realize that all the people who are going to comply with mask mandates already have done so? The other half of the country is stubborn and beyond reason, yet you continue to reason with them.

That is not how you govern. Most people do not go into politics because they realize that sometimes you have to be the bad guy. You have to tell people that they are crazy, that they don't always have the right to do what they like. The problem is that the left always wants to be the nice guy. The left wants to bake everyone mask shaped cookies, and hope it all gets better. It won't. It will get worse until you stop being so nice all the time. Stand your ground and the coward retreats; cower and he attacks. It is very simple. You cannot make peace with those who crave war.

I often hear the left label the right as insane. I disagree. The right had a goal, and they achieved it. They are still achieving it. Conservatives made leftists feel guilty for having their own opinions. Don't believe me? Then why is Bill Maher droning on about the evils of free health care? Why are all the liberals telling us to unify with the people who want us dead? Why are Gavin Newsome and Nancy Pelosi making liberal demands, and failing to achieve liberal policies in a liberal state? Why did everyone feel bad for Kayne West when he called women objects, and insulted the greatest black woman to ever live, Harriet Tubman? Why is Joe Biden letting Trump off the hook? Why on earth do I have to listen to these idiots talk about what a shitty person I am for wanting a better life for myself? You know what's really insane? Making promises you never keep and then expecting everyone to vote for you every election cycle. Now go pretend to be liberal you bunch of hacks. The cameras are rolling. But be sure the conservatives don't see you. They might get upset.

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