America and Slavery, A Love Story

In any city in this country one can waltz into almost any movie theater or playhouse and see blacks being tortured. Its a normal thing in America to see blacks raped, branded, neglected, insulted, demeaned, starved, poisoned, and left for dead all on the big screens and stages that inform us of our history. These are the movies and plays we are forced to watch time and time again. However, Hollywood and Broadway have a problem: an increasing number of their viewers are demanding they cut it out with the three and a half hour KKK meetings or message movies, whatever you like to call it.

Anyone with even a quarter of the artistic talent Hollywood wishes it had could've seen this coming. Obviously after Roots and Amistad it had already been enough. But they kept at it and now it has devolved into tap dancing servant black people in every musical or blood curdling torture in every drama, just like the good old days. Did Sidney Poitier break all those barriers for this? Really?

I always found it odd that today's wealthy white liberals, the descendants of the radical abolitionists who went to war to end slavery, are now the biggest purveyors of the detestable institution. What exactly do they think they are doing for black people by portraying us as illiterate and weak? Do they think we should thank them for this? Do they want us to bake them cookies as a thank you for perpetuating harmful stereotypes? Do they think young black actors yearn for the day Leonardo DiCaprio will give them 20 lashings? Do black actors pray for a chance to be stereotyped as dancing fools who rarely speak in the next Disney musical? The answer is obviously no.

Unfortunately white producers don't care what black people think or want. They want to continue to mock us. They want us to thank them for the wonderful opportunity they have given us. If it wasn't for them people would have to read about slavery and really understand it. Instead they make cartoon like fables that make black people look like delicate creatures who cry every time they are asked to work.

I've acted in slave plays before and it is the biggest regret I have as an artist. Black children should not be forced to watch this garbage. They should see plays about Frederick Douglass, Booker t Washington, Malcolm Shabazz, Marcus Garvey, Elderidge Cleaver, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, etc. There are so many black stories out there of real people who found their own path and made the world a better place. A positive outlook goes a long way when you're a child but apparently Hollywood wants to show us on the ground begging and bleeding while Broadway wants us to sing and dance about it.

Yet these movies and plays remain popular. I suppose beating someone half to death and leaving them to starve is the American way. It actually makes perfect sense when Trump gets upset with "liberal" California for not loving him. I'm sure chicken fried Trump and his ilk love watching blacks getting beaten and abused too. Yet when trump and his followers do it Hollywood and Broadway cry foul. I guess all these white producers are mad because the orange man is doing their job more efficiently than they can.

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