American Horror Show: Covid19 Dreams

Since the pandemic began, I have stopped dreaming. I mean that quite literally; my dreams have stopped completely. These days, I simply close my eyes at night, and wake up in the morning. I wake up well-rested and, generally, in a good mood. My anger subsides more and more, and everyday I spend with my family, instead of going "back to normal", I learn to love them more and more. It is strange, but it almost seems that losing my ability to dream has been a huge advantage to me. Life is much more rational without the distortion of fantasy; everything simply makes sense.

I feel a deep sense of pity for those who still dream because a dream is not reality; it is your own peculiar version of the future. Every dreamer is, in their own way, a psychic, trying to predict the future of a sporadic world. Dreamers have no real plan; they follow their hearts, and to hell with anyone who needs their brain to survive. The dreamer is self-destructive for the dreamer pursues the impossible.

The answer in America is always to dream big and try hard. It is, of course, complete nonsense. No one succeeds because of dreams. Our actions bring forth consequences, not the thoughts that motivate them. One can have many thoughts in a moment, and remember absolutely none of them; thoughts are irrelevant. When you actually live in the moment, you realize how silly, and potentially harmful, dreams really are.

Every madman's horror show began with a dream, a vision, a goal... The madman generally cast himself as the hero of their own story, and plays their part with exceptional pomp and circumstance. They are not simply holier than thou; they are the holiest of the holy, and must be worshiped accordingly. This means agreeing with their dogma without question, and ignoring the truth whenever necessary. The dissenters are punished, ostracized and demonized. The madman projects their self as the savior of the world, offers a solution to the dissenters, and thus the horror show has begun.

Madness is a dream. When one is mad, one cannot see reality because the imagination becomes rational to the deluded mind. The mind can play all kinds of terrible tricks on a person for the imagination is an endless void of absolute terror. The imaginings of the human mind has softened the blow of all sorts of injustices and atrocities, morphing the real crime into childhood myths and fairy tales.

Currently, about 300,000 people have died of Covid19, but people are still too busy dreaming. Whether it be a dream for a brighter tomorrow or a freer today, dreams only seem to offer any real benefit to the dreamer; everyone else is sacrificed to the holy name of the dream. Dreaming has taught us that anything is possible, even on fifteen dollars an hours in the most expensive state in the union; just pull yourself up by your own boot straps and start dreaming you lousy bum! It's your fault after all. You are getting in your own way; you already have everything you need.

But one also must be sure to have the correct dream, and if one dares dream outside the approved dream spectrum, one must be prepared to suffer the consequences. The consequences are now people dealing with full hospitals, and not being able to access basic medical services. The dream eventually because a holy temple of consequences. It is lost jobs, and shattered lives. The dream is evictions seemingly around every corner, and meaningless slogans where there are ears to hear them. It almost feels as if one is talking to oneself, but one is rarely allowed to speak in a dream. Dreams are full of raging introspection.

The dream of a Covid free world, of a magic wand vaccine that will make Covid disappear the moment it is distributed, is a fantasy as well. It will provide people with the false sense of security they need to get through the next six months. As people slowly begin realizing that conspiracy theories have taken over their dream worlds, and that they are essentially caught up in the madman's horror show, will they make any attempt at fighting back? Anti-vaxxers will refuse the vaccine, and there are many of them, meaning the disease will be with us at least two more years. The Spanish Flu did not subside until the winter of 1921 for the same reasons.

Is the left really equipped to fight this conspiracy filled dream world, or has it already fallen victim to its whimsy? Only time will tell. But, since I alluded to psychics earlier, I will look into my brain, or crystal ball, whatever you like, and give you this prediction. Trump's followers are the antivaxxers or soon will be when forceful restrictions are introduced. They do not believe in the virus even when they are sick, so there is no talking to them.

The government will continue to be weak on this issue, allowing large swaths of the population to die because our government is a huge joke. Then they will trot politicians on TV to tell you to go off an die like a good patriot for the good old red, white and blue. Our American dream is to bring the horror show of this mad government to fruition. Just imagine all the money the democrats and the republicans will save with all those dead constituents. They will save on disability payments, social security payments, food stamps, cash aid, unemployment... Why , the possibilities to screw over the poor are limitless! They may even be able to give themselves a raise, again. Dream big America.

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