From Dominance to Bitchiness: The Decline of Trumpian Masculinity

Is it just me or do the good old folks at the GOP mafia crime syndicate seem to be getting a bit sensitive lately? From Twitter, to Facebook, to Youtube, and back again, all I have been hearing are the frail cries of conservative snowflakes. "But we can't lose! We have god on our side. Wah!" Obviously, they never did or Joe Biden's lead wouldn't have grown after the same GOP thug's attempt at a coup...I mean, recount. But I digress, I don't particularly care if people express their feelings. In fact, I think it should be encouraged. The idea that strong men don't cry is quite silly. Everyone cries, and no one should feel bad for it.

I am not talking about crying; I am talking about being bitchy. The kind of bitchy that would make anyone cringe. You know what I mean? You're maintaining, and doing your own thing, maybe listening to some really good tunes, and here comes that one asshole. You know who I'm talking about? That asshole who just always seems to wait until you got your vibe going, and then comes in the room and starts complaining just as the song starts to get to the good part.

And what are they complaining about? Is there a fire? Was someone injured? Are they going through some sort of crisis? No, something far more pressing. "I hate commercials," they shout. "Why are there so many commercials on all the time?" The whole time you're thinking to yourself, "It's TV you idiot. TV is one huge commercial. That's the fucking point of TV!" This is what I consider bitching; it is the act of whining about the things that you know that you or anyone else you know cannot change, in order to get attention. It is, in fact, what Trumpism represents, the never ending human desire to complain, yet do nothing simultaneously.

Now republicans, and I didn't capitalize that on purpose because they are not grown up yet, are simply throwing a large hissy fit to get back at people for not voting for autocracy. It is difficult for the right to believe that everyone does not go home and jerk off to their virtue on the daily. Anytime they feel small, and that is whenever they lose, republicans lash out at the public like a bunch of big babies. Here's good old fearmongering Candace Owens, who, all of a sudden, after years of denying race is an issue, seems to think racism is a thing now:

"Where are the so called woke liberals? How can this not be considered racist?", she squealed on twitter with the indignant yelp of an 18th century fop. How dare we not defend her racist ass after someone said she had nappy hair on twitter. That's what black people do you know? We wait around until someone says something racist, then we pounce like a black panther in the wild. Seriously though, what the hell is this bitch on? Of course liberals don't care what happens to you Candace. You've been telling us to go fuck ourselves for years. And now, I would personally like to return the favor.

But the dumb doesn't stop there! This morning conservatives were all in a titter about the evil princess AOC. It turns out the evil witch of New York was selling sweatshirts for $65 that said "tax the rich". How dare she charge $65 for a cheap ass sweater. Only conservatives can do that! On and on they tweeted for hours about the expensive tax the rich shirts, never once mentioning that most people, including conservatives do the exact same thing to raise money for their campaigns. But I guess blue lives matter shirts are different, somehow. Most politicians hold swanky events at tax payer expense to funnel money into tax shelters. But we have to take on the scourge of AOC's sweatshirt scandal.

I would laugh at the GOP. Trust me, I have done it many times in the past. However, in order for something to be humorous there must be at least the slightest bit of intellect there. I'm not seeing that from this party. I'm not seeing anything from the GOP at all aside from complaints presented as shitty performance art. I see why they're so irritable all the time now. Listening to these snowflakes bitch and moan all day is really starting to kill my buzz. You lost. It's over. Now put on your big boy pants and stop being such a crybaby.

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