From Go Along to Get Along, to Nothing Wrong and Move Along: How Politicians Manipulate the Left

Well, Trump of Orange has spoken; stimulus ye shall have. Sure, it's not very much. I mean, you cannot really buy much with $600, but, hey, at least it's something, right? Right? I mean, that's what we're supposed to say, and, there you go, I just did. That is what people want to hear again; they want a more passive-aggressive kind of progressive, one that they can take home, and impress mummy and daddy with. "My, my," Mum and Dad would bellow, "what delightful posture, and such big words! One would've thought it was raised amongst us".

Perhaps that is acceptable for some; hell, I would even go as far as to say that it is down right advantageous, for some. It seems simple enough. You give a little, you get a little, and if you don't get any, shut the hell up and get out of the way. That seems to be how the media sees it anyway. And who could blame them? After all, according to the media, that's how life works, right? We're just supposed to shut up, read the Huffington Post, co-sign some crap Jake Tapper said, and dance on into the sunset because we beat a moron, and that's all that matters. Democracy won again y'all. Now play me some Kayne West. It's time to do the Stimu-Less dance. Get cheaper with it!

You can almost hear them through your computer screens. The media is no longer pleased with the left. They have served their purpose and now it is time for them to shut up and fall in line. You hear it every hour, the same slogans chanted over and over again in an attempt to tow the party line. "So what if you don't have any money?", they sneer from their fancy homes, "so what if our leaders didn't care enough about us to take the precautions necessary to prevent a sun baked egomaniac with a gambling problem, and a love for conspiracy theories, from becoming president? So what if many prominent business owners, and government officials knew that a pandemic was a threat months, and in many cases, years, even decades before anyone knew what the hell the coronavirus even was ( So what if there were, in fact, several precautions that could have actually been taken to prevent this from happening? So what if the government allows theocratic demagogues to usurp your democracy and strip you of your rights. Who cares? Who gives a damn? Shut up and stop complaining."

And, of course, this peer pressure works because people have been convinced that the left is responsible for Trump. According to the the right and center, that is true of everything of course. Just as they blamed AIDS on the left initially, they did so with coronavirus as well (initially college student worldwide were being rumored to have covid parties because of their dangerous leftist ways; many of these events were later debunked, but at least moderates and conservatives were able to bitch again). So, of course, it must be the left who conjured up Trump. Free healthcare scared everyone real bad so they ran off to orangeade. That is the line of bullshit you will hear from the media today, that a multi-millionaire with vast media influence, and a rich history in the art of propaganda, was elected to the presidency because poor people didn't want to die.

Of course it doesn't make sense, but then again it doesn't really have to. Criticizing leftists is just the default position on the Hill when the top brass are up a creek without a paddle. They have absolutely no idea how to combat the pandemic. As this government continues to not deliver on its promises, as cases continue to increase, and as distribution of relief bills and vaccines continue to stall, the media will increasingly point the finger at the demands of leftists in order to defer attention from the fact that their government, the one that they created,this two party circus where everyone gets to pretend to care,all the while doing jack shit to help people, does not work in times of crisis.

So get ready for all sorts of pseudoscience from various alphabet soup media outlets telling you why leftists ruined the stimulus bill or made it so that democrats didn't win the senate, which has been projected for some time now (granted I could be wrong here, but with the democrats' ability to throw away races that should be easy wins, it would not surprise me in the least). I'm sure it has everything to do with people being uneducated and not understanding the system, and its intricate ways. Government isn't meant to actually do anything after all. And if you think that, than you're a communist...or a socialist...or an atheist...or a civil rights activist...or whatever else is out of season at the moment. After all, if you don't go along, then your ass is a traitor, regardless of what you stand for.

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