Believe it or not, Artists Have Bills, Families and Value

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

For years I believed that the owners of the artistic community could do no wrong. I vehemently defended the entertainment industry at every turn, stating that they were the ideal that we all should live up to. We should, in fact, try to be more like wealthy artists because they are much more liberal than the average bunch. After all, they are fragile dreamers who want equality for all, right? Well, no. Actually this claim is extremely incorrect.

The vast majority of the keepers of the liberal arts community in the bay area is now full of conservative producers and their sycophants. Time after time, we are forced to endure the same dry, bland and stale art that they have been making since the 1960s. "Oh, look, another production of Death of Salesman", sighs a trans actor. "Great, a Picasso exzhibit...again," yawns an impatient teenager. "Wonderful," thinks a young poet of color, "my book club is addressing poverty by listening to a lecture from yet another wealthy professor." And on and on it painfully continues.

And on and on it goes. The producers put on the same plays for their now decaying donors, who frequently complain about not being able to hear the various Yale trained actors, who all just happen to look alike, method acting onstage. Acting is serious and must be whispered in order to be understood, you know. Otherwise, you are being too loud and boisterous, thus upsetting the gods of art.

The same rule is applied to all forms of art of course. If it does not fit the popular narrative of what, when, why, where and how art should appear then it is not art, of course. The high art lover proclaims there must be this or that in art, not because they are artistic, but becauae they are wealthy and own newspapers. Thus we only see college trained painters with their rigid lines and lack of depth, but no one cares in California. There are simply too many articles to read online.

Poetry does not even exist in California. It is a thing of the past. If you write a poem people tell you to sell it on some site for $2.99. And on and on it goes. In california anything goes as long as it fits the narrative. One day you wake up and realize youre a prisoner to the bay area arts sausage factory.

"Youre an artist," they sneer and pout like some seventeenth century fop, "well, I say, theres no money in that. You should be a teacher!" Morons, all of them. Had I listened to them I would now be dead or very ill. Thankfully, most artists think outside the sausage factory.

This assault on creativity has led to an exercise in stupidity that has been allowed to go on unchecked for too long. There are no barriers to artistic expression aside from the ones we ourselves create. We must stand up for ourselves and our art by rejoicing in the fact that we are workers, not independemt contractors.

We must reject the gig economy and demand real jobs with real wages otherwise the landed gentry can make their own art. If recognizing that you deserve to eat every night even if you are an artist is too much for the artistic leaders in the bay area then they need to follow joe rogan down south. They would probably fit in better there.

#fulltimearts #artistswork

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