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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

It was the most shocking event to hit youtube since that one stupid baby video your friend shoved in your face at work. The fix was in. The mass murder at Sandy Hook had been staged by the government to take away our guns. It was a startling revelation, especially since the same American government had just readily protected the right of a racist bufoon to murder a teenager by the name of Trayvon Martin. All of a sudden, the government that had been a staunch advocate for organizations like the NRA for decades, didn't want people having guns anymore.

But, youtube continued, there was a catch, the sinister government knew Americans wouldn't give up their arms willingly; they would have to coerced. But how? Sandy Hook was the answer. According to internet sleuths like Alex Jones, Alan Watt, Mark Dice and Steven Crowder, crisis actors had been hired to simulate the bloody school shooting to play our collective heartstrings. Once the government's master plan had been completed, military troops would roam the streets and America would never be free again. Eventually we would all be carted off to fema camps, where we would be executed gangland style by the evil Uncle Sam.

Unfortunately, like everything else the government does, the plan was a tremendous failure. Americans were not effected very much by the Sandy Hook ploy. Americans were all way too smart to honor the government's draconian calls for killing less people. In fact, gun ownership has shot through the roof ever since the crisis event, so that now there is a gun in more households across america than ever before. Americans sure taught the government a lesson.

Since the pandemic gun violence has reached an all time high. In June 2020, "Over 1,500 people have been shot in Chicago, almost 900 in Philadelphia, and more than 500 in New York City so far in 2020 — all up significantly from the same time last year (1,018 in Chicago, 701 in Philadelphia and 355 in New York)." Interestingly enough these murders hit minority communities the hardest. The good white patriots had been spared as usual.

Of course Sandy Hook never was a conspiracy. It was a very real, very tragic event that forever ruined the lives of those involved. Survivors are still harassed by conspiracy theorists who bought youtube's lies. They have even considered changing the name of the town to avoid the abuse.

Meanwhile the right wing conspiracy theorists who promoted these views enjoy guest spots on Fox News and the Joe Rogan Experience. Maniacal liars like Alex Jones make millions off of merchandise and supplements. Some of them have been elected to high office and now control the will of the country with their fringe views.

At the same time, people continue to wonder why 71 million people voted for Donald Trump... I suggest you ask youtube.

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