When An Old Dog Learns New Tricks

As I sit here writing this post, I must say that I am quite content. That may seem a bit impolite of me considering the circumstances; however, considering the circumstances, I really don't care. I have already had my career completely stolen from me by a government that is hostile to me because of the state of my brain and the color of my skin. Since the government has gone out of its way to make my life an absolute hell on earth, I can only delight when it makes a complete ass out of itself, the one remaining task American leadership is actually good at. So, imagine my confusion when I again saw people lamenting the polarized state of this nation, a state that has always existed, and most likely always will.

I know, I know, your worldview instructs you to browbeat anyone who doesn't think coming together as one is the answer, but hear me out a second. When you pick up your phone, and see a band of raving maniacs lighting flags on fire, destroying property and beating random people on the street, is the first thought that comes to mind, "gee, we should really reach out to those maniacs; they seem like they could really benefit from my yoga class, and paleo diet"? Because that's what it seems like the great peace seekers of our time would like us to do. I have been promised this peace since I was a young man; other young men were promised this peace when MLK walked this earth. You have to keep your promises folks, otherwise, you are just another preacher, another huckster, another snake-oil salesman...

So, yes, people have grown tired of peace because peace is an empty promise, one that cannot be kept because people are not peaceful. We know that war or at least strife is perpetual. So, why are people busy trying to solve a problem that seemingly has no solution? The answer is it gives them a sense of meaning. Most people cannot bear the thought of living a meaningless life. Indeed, if you even think of living a life sans meaning in America you are automatically ridiculed. "But what will you do without a purpose? Who will you be? Where will you go? How will you go to the bathroom? Be afraid!" Yes, everyone in America gets that speech when they are five, but let's move on...

Most people seem to need a reason to get out of bed in the morning; I am realizing more and more each day that there is none, but that is not the end of the world. There is no reason to need a reason to live. You are living. You did not decide to live. Someone has done it for you, and now you are alive. Ending one's life is just as pointless as beginning a life; there is no real purpose to either other than pure selfishness, and in about 100 years will have no effect whatsoever.

This is difficult for many accept. They believe people will write "Iliads" and "Odysseys" about their life and times as law-abiding consumers during the pandemic. They won't. Their lives will be forgotten just like mine, and all the healthcare workers who die trying to save people who did not want to be saved. Peace sounds nice until you look at the body count.

What is the cost of peace? What is the price we pay for not taking a stand for anything in a world that disagrees on everything? Can you be neutral on a moving train? History does not seem to think so. It seems that if you allow those with malevolent intent to form strongholds in government institutions that the last thing you are going to experience is peace. It seems like you might have an all out war on your hands.

But what if no one wants to fight that war? Or, worse, what if only the malevolent people are interested in even showing up to the fight? That is the situation we are currently facing in this country. I don't know anyone standing up for decency, but I sure hear a lot of people talking about peace. Standing up is considered passe these days, especially if it is for something worthwhile. Talk is cheap, and peace is expensive.

Peace leads to complicity and the acceptance of the things we can change. We don't need to learn to deal with it like the right has been telling us to do for years. We don't need to be told that love is the answer again. We have heard that before. We know that you just want us to shut up, go back to work and die. Your token attempts at charity and giving are completely meaningless in these conditions. Your constant hunt for peace has only resulted in more war.

So, how do we become less polarized? Should we become less polarized when the very problem before was that so few people cared? Is peace just a more honorable form of apathy? You have to ask yourself those questions. The answers are different for everyone. However, while you are busy writing the end to one of the most unpredictable periods in history ever, could you also let me know when the pandemic will end? I always love a good bedtime story.

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